2022 Mother Lodge Fellowship Dinner

Another great night of food, drinks, brotherhood and fund raising. The Chapter #1 Mother Lodge in Atlanta hosted its annual Fellowship Dinner on November 3. One-hundred and three brothers contributed to the event with over 70 in attendance. Chapter 519 was represented by Zack Kollias, Ron Sprouse, Paul Markley, Steve Tingas, Harry Kipreos, Steve Kipreos, Dennis Koutouzis, Mike Jacobs and Keath Paxten (by phone). Our table was one of the luckier ones with Paul and Ron having their numbers drawn for $100 each and Steve Kipreos (below) having one of the last three tickets which after some negotiations won him $650. Congratulations to all the winners!

This annual event has generated almost $200,000 towards the scholarships awarded by the Educational Fund every year. Our Chapter 519 shares in the proceeds from the event based on our % of attendance. With about 10% of the tickets purchased by us, we should get around $700-800 added to our endowments. Thanks to everyone who supported the event.