Cabin Fever is Back

After a three-year hiatus, Cabin Fever was back after the challenging Covid years. A great weekend had by all at the Kollias Lodge in Mineral Bluff, GA. Seven brothers (Zack, Ron, Harry, Stevie, Dennis K, Mike J and Mike C) all spent time in the beautiful North GA mountains from November 5-7. The group enjoyed a hike, a fire pit with marshmallows, shooting, golf, bourbon, GA v. TN football, poker and comradery. And of course, great meals. A big thanks to Brother Harry for cooking all steaks, burgers, brats, eggs, sausages, biscuits and other great foods.

Cabin Fever, started by brother Jim Tidwell, over 10 years ago and is a unique opportunity for men to gather and share in the challenges that life presents us. While the weekend is a time commitment, we have found the time brings brothers closer together and a provides an invaluable opportunity to support one another. We look forward to even more brothers attending in 2023.